Cyndi Lauper Visits The Poe Convention

Pop Music Survey Office

One of my father's favorite pictures over the years was this one from a Pop Music Survey Convention in the 1990's. (L-R: Cyndi Lauper, The Poe Kat, Ora Mae Poe, Bobby Poe, Jr.)

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Bonus Playlist: MY POP MUSIC SURVEY DAYS, 1979-1996!

This playlist is a work in progress with each song a vivid memory from my days working with my dad at Bobby Poe's Pop Music Survey. We worked together from 1979 until his retirement in 1996 after our 25th consecutive annual convention. Many of these artists were brought to our annual Convention, came by our office, I got to see and meet them in concert/label listening party or I simply loved their music at the time. 232 songs and counting!

Listen above or click here for the direct link to the entire MY POP MUSIC SURVEY DAYS, 1979-1996 Playlist on Spotify. 232 songs and counting!